Holy Nemesis

Thanks for joining us along this ride. We are a group of clergy in Stamford, CT, looking to engage and struggle with the scriptures each week. As an experiment, we’ll be producing a weekly podcast focused on one of the scriptures for the upcoming Sabbath day. As this is an experiment, we hope you will see us grow and evolve as we attempt to wrestle with the scriptures in honest and authentic ways. This is intended to serve as a common site for all those in our faith communities here in Stamford, but we hope that wherever you are, you find this helpful. 

Be on the lookout for our first podcast in March of 2019. Until then, drop us a line on the Contact Us! form. We’ll see you soon Stamford!


Rev. Shelley Donaldson, First Presbyterian Church

He struggled with the messenger and survived; he wept and sought their favor; he met them at Bethel, and there he spoke with God. — Hosea 12:4